0 thoughts on “Instant Oats Dosa (Savory Oats Crepes)

    1. yeah Izzie these are instant ones and the original dosa with rice and lentils are the best. Although these are a good option when you want something quick.

  1. Love this dosa, my husband showed me how to make this. – and as you suggested, we too use lots of finely sliced shallots (ulli) and green chillies sprinkled over the batter in the pan and a sliced tomato on the side and it is delicious too. 😁😁

    1. Looks like your husband is a great cook 🙂 yeah these taste good with onions/shallots. They need to be had warm though – right out of the pan 🙂

    1. this is just an instant version. of course the traditional dosa with rice and lentils is always better. But this is a good alternate instant option! thanks for visiting!

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