A tribute to a special lady: Selma from Selma’s Table

‘Life is too short’ … ‘live your life to the fullest and have no regrets’. All these words we have heard many times before but when you hear of an unexpected demise, these same words suddenly mean so much more real and make you realize the undeniable and harsh truth of life – that it is indeed too short.

Well this weekend I heard of the passing of a co-blogger Selma from Selma’s table. Selma was vivacious and so full of life! And such an accomplished cook! Just browsing through her recipes on her blog will prove that. But even more than that, she was an extremely kind and compassionate woman as could be seen by her interactions with other fellow bloggers and in her posts. I had the privilege of once co-hosting Fiesta Friday with her and boy, she sure had great energy! Since we were going to be co-hosting, I suggested if we should work out a way to divvy up the other posts so we both need not do all. To this Selma replied, ‘no worries, indu …you can do as much as you are able to but I shall mostly visit all of them …I just love to!’ Such was her enthusiasm and I would never have guessed that she was a woman battling cancer.

I am sure Selma is smiling from up above and also visiting all the posts even today! May her delightful and kind soul rest in peace. This tribute is also linked to the special tribute that Angie is hosting this week for Selma at Fiesta Friday

I am sharing some of her outstanding recipes here below that I really enjoyed!

Lemon and Semolina Saffron Cake



Chermoula spiced Eggplant



Masala Chai Banana bread with coconut cream frosting


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