Why we blog.. Indu's international Kitchen

Indu’s international Kitchen was featured on foodbod’s ‘Why we blog’ series. Elaine was so kind to introduce her readers to me and my blog. She is doing an awesome job by doing this series! thanks so much Elaine!


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0 thoughts on “Why we blog.. Indu's international Kitchen

      1. We were in Ahmeadabad which is ‘dry’, no alcohol, pure veg in most restaurants but we did go to a meat BBQ restaurant. We traveled in the north for 2 weeks and 10 days in the south. Husband and professor is an architect and students were architects so that was the focus of the time in India. I love Pondicherry in the south and all those beautiful temples but they tend to run together. We did go to Kerala and I saw the beginning of the word ‘jungle”. We had a wonderful backwater boat ride. Spent 2 days and nights in Goa where the students enjoyed the beaches and the professor and I marveled at the Portuguese churches ! We had been told the food in the south is hotter in spices but we didn’t find it. Husband can’t have a meal now without ‘red onions!” Where do you live?

          1. My problem is that I am not a cook, but love the eat. I have been roasting lots of veggies, mixing them with rice and using curry mixture out of a jar from Trader Joe’s . I am sure you are aghast but it isn’t bad, really! Indian recipes are usually so long and involved. American woman or men usually don’t take so much time in preparation. But I love to eat it all! Conundrum !

          2. yes I agree some of the recipes are elaborate but I do try to post recipes that can be made in a reasonable amount of time since I am a busy working woman myself and do not really have a lot of time on my hands. Key is to make large batches of curries so you can freeze some and refrigerate some. You are tempting me to do a post explaining all this! 🙂

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