Tips for hosting a Kerala sadya at home

Since Vishu, the zodiac new year celebrated by Keralans is just around the corner, I thought doing this post now might be useful for some of my followers. I have been consulted a few times regarding tips on cooking a 'sadya' meal at home.  Having been cooking sadya meals every Onam (and … Continue reading

Spicy Egg Roast (Kerala Mutta Roast)

You may wonder 'Egg roast'?, what in the world is that? Well if you like your eggs spicy, you will just love this! This recipe is indigenous to Kerala where it is called 'Mutta(egg) roast'. This is a dish often paired with Vella appams (rice hoppers or pancakes) or with Idiyappam (which are … Continue reading

Vegetable Stew (Kerala Style)

Coconuts grow in abundance in Kerala and hence coconut milk , grated coconut and coconut oil are widely used in Kerala cuisine. One vegetable dish that uses coconut milk  and no red chilli powder and is therefore white in color is 'vegetable stew'. The stew usually is made out of … Continue reading